Mission Statement:

To be the premier construction materials and paving company by fostering a culture of excellence in safety, quality, and integrity that adds value for our employees, customers, communities, and shareholders.

In everything we do, we operate on a foundation of three guiding values:

  • Safety: There is no acceptable goal for safety other than zero — zero fatalities and zero incidents. Safety is our No. 1 value, and it’s taken seriously by every employee, from the President to the front line. We are committed to the safety of the public, surrounding communities, and visitors to our sites.
  • Quality: All facets of our business — products, services, employees and companies — are held to the highest standards of quality. Nothing less is acceptable to our customers or to us, and our long-standing commitment to quality is evident in our leadership position in the industry.
  • Integrity: We take pride in an unflagging dedication to fair, honest dealings with our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities. Ethics are not a luxury; trust is earned, and ethical behavior is a non-negotiable expectation for all of our companies and employees.


History of APAC-Alabama, Inc.:

APAC-Alabama, Inc. was formed in 2013 when APAC-Alabama, Inc. changed its name. APAC was created in 2007 following the merger of SRM Aggregates and elements of the Southeast Division of APAC Inc. In 2009, another division of APAC with locations in South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle came under the APAC-Alabama, Inc. Umbrella. 


SRM Aggregates’ locations in the Birmingham area were acquired by Oldcastle Materials Group in 2002. In 2003 they acquired 5 quarry locations from Hansen in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. In 2007 they merged with APAC to form one company, APAC-Alabama, Inc. It is now the Aggregates portion of APAC-Alabama, Inc.

Asphalt & Construction:

APAC-Alabama, Inc. is a CRH Company, (crh.com), making us a part of North America’s largest materials producer.  APAC-Alabama, Inc. started out as Warren Brothers Company, which was founded February 5, 1900 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They expanded their operations into Birmingham, Alabama in 1906. After over six decades of operation they were acquired in 1968 by Ashland Oil, Inc. After the acquisition, the name changed to Ashland-Warren, Inc. By 1980, the name was changed to APAC, Inc. but was still under the ownership of Ashland. APAC, Inc. was acquired by Oldcastle Materials Group in 2006, which led to the eventual creation of APAC-Alabama, Inc.

About CRH

CRH is the leading global diversified building materials group, employing c.90,000 people at c.3,700 operating locations in 32 countries worldwide.  CRH is the leading building materials business in the world. The Group has leadership positions in Europe as well as established strategic positions in the emerging economic regions of Asia (India, China, Philippines, Malaysia) and South America (Brazil). CRH is committed to improving the built environment through the delivery of superior materials and products for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, housing and commercial projects.

CRH is recognised as a Fortune 500, a FTSE 100 and a EURO STOXX 50 company, and by leading sustainability rating agencies such as Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Europe.

For more information, please visit: CRH.com